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5 Bad Habits That are Hurting Your Eyes


Nutritious food and safety eyewear may protect the eyes, but there are certain habits that are actually damaging and aging your eyes.

Not Getting Enough Sleep

Why it’s bad: too little sleep accelerates aging. Sleepless nights cause bloodshot eyes, dark circles, dry eyes, twitching and even blurry vision. On the other hand, too much sleep also damages your vision. The key is to get the recommended hours of sleep, which is 7-8 hours.

Not Wearing Sunglasses

Why it’s bad: Exposing your eyes to the sun’s harmful UV and HEV rays can cause cataracts, macular degeneration, and even corneal sunburn. The Australian Institute of Eye Surgery is one with the Australian Society of Ophthalmologists in saying that laser eye surgery or cataract surgery is best if the condition gets worse.

Rubbing Your Eyes Too Hard

Why it’s bad: Rubbing your eyes frequently and too hard can break tiny blood vessels under the skin’s surface. It can also cause dark circles, puffy eyes and premature crow’s feet. Avoid this most especially if your hands are contaminated by dirt, chemicals or the juices of jalapeno.

Cigarette Smoking

Why it’s bad: Cigarette smoking, for starters, dries out the eyes and it can cause complications if you have pre-existing conditions. It gets worse later and causes cataracts. Smokers are also four times more likely to go blind. Quitting reduces risk of developing these diseases.

Not Seeing Your Eye Doctor

Why it’s bad: Only experts have the tools and the wisdom to tell you if your eye’s really got it bad. It should go without saying, but many people take their eyes for granted and do not see the eye doctor regularly. Going for regular eye check-ups is important because it is the only way for a doctor to spot potential symptoms of an eye disease before anything worsens.

How Indulging Your Sweet Cravings Make You feel Better

sweet craving

Why is it that when we go through heartbreaking phases we look for food—sweets, to be exact. Is it because we lack the sweetness in our lives that we look for sources that can satisfy our saccharine cravings?

While it may only be in your head, sometimes your cravings come just in time to address the body’s need for some feel good lovin’. So do not feel bad if you find yourself munching on some sweet goodies every now and then.

It is not entirely bad for you; on the contrary, it can be good for you and your health. tells us why.

Increases Endorphins

If you don’t know by now, endorphins are hormones that are responsible for making you feel happy. Sweet cravings coincide with the days when you are feeling sad and blue because that is when your body needs it most. Ultimately, your cravings are not formed out of nowhere and for good reason, too.

Improves Social Skills

This is an indirect feel-good benefit from sweets. As you feel better, your spirits are lifted and would create opportunities for you to interact with others. With the help of your sweet intakes, you will get a temporary high that gives you spikes of energy that you will have to contain and handle, hopefully, with the help of those around you.

Now, who doesn’t feel better in the company of friends and new people?

More Exercise

Having more sugar in your body and your blood levels gives your body more energy to feed on. Take advantage of all of the extra energy to exercise—which also promotes higher endorphin production in your system.

Indirectly, with moderation, a healthy amount of sugar daily promotes a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise and eating healthy.

The key to raking in as much benefits as you can with sugar is consumption. Whatever sweets they may be, only the right amount will do you good.

Remember these benefits the next time your mouth waters on the sight of a sweet treat. Think of just how much you’ve had and weigh if it’ll do you more bad than good.

Landscape Maintenance: Keeping Your Lawn Alive All Year Round

lawn sprinkler

The lawn occupies a big part of any landscape, so it’s best to give it some importance. Even though it doesn’t give much appeal like flowers and garden ponds, homeowners should still see to it that it stays green and alive all year round. Whether you want to hire a professional or do the maintenance yourself, here are some of the basic things you need to do:

Hydrate Your Lawn

All living things experience dehydration, even your greenery. It’s important to give your lawn enough water if you want to keep it looking fresh. Skip’s Sprinklers notes that while the rain can do the job for you, it wouldn’t be enough. There are instances when you might experience little or no rain for an extended time.

Even the toughest types of grass can last only for 30 to 60 days without water. You’ll need to water the lawn regularly. Using a garden hose, however, may not be a good idea because it can’t distribute water evenly. It’s best to install and use sprinklers if you want to water the lawn properly.

Get Rid of the Weeds

The biggest problem about weeds is they block the air, suffocating the grass and plants. They also invade space that’s supposed to be for your greenery. Mowing the lawn may be a good option, but there are cases when you need to remove the weeds manually. This happens when their roots burrow too deep that you need to apply upward force before cutting the weeds. Adding mulch is acceptable, but you should limit it to the right amount.

Aerate Your Lawn

Aeration is a process that involves perforating the soil with small holes, allowing air, water, and other nutrients to penetrate the soil and go directly to the roots. Before doing this, make sure that it’s the right time to do the aeration. You need to take note of different factors before aerating your lawn to get good results.

Don’t take your lawn for granted. Make an effort to take care of it, so you’ll have a lively and good-looking greenery for your landscape.

Top 3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Phone System

business phone system

The priority for almost all business owners is to boost profit. Be that as it may, part of your responsibilities involves making sure your company stays competitive, and this includes upgrading tools and equipment. Your telephone system is an important component that contributes to success. It sets the stage for improved relationships with clients, while also keeping your team members connected.

For managers who are hesitant about embracing new phone upgrades and installations, it is essential to understand the consequences of using an outdated phone system. Many companies today acknowledge the negative impact of dated technology, which includes limited responsiveness, lower flexibility, and loss of competitiveness. shares the top reasons you need to upgrade your business phone system.

More Business Flexibility

To be relevant in today’s economy, you workplace requires flexibility and a phone system that can accommodate on-the-go business. They should work with your business and your employees, and not against the company. New phone systems guarantee better services and more flexibility using the latest technological advancements.

Raise Bottom Line

It is important to integrate the business phone system into your existing technological landscape to enable employees to be more productive. You need to remember that an efficient and modern phone system can help raise your bottom line by handling customer data correctly. New phone upgrades will also allow you to integrate with core applications and optimize staff levels.

Stay Current and Competitive

Many companies today are turning to cloud phone systems to stay competitive and current. One major advantage of this is the latest advances in technology, upgrades, and features. Your business can choose between two types of VoIP providers available, a do-it-yourself approach to upgrades or a premium service that employs a team who will take care of everything.

Don’t let an outdated phone system hurt your bottom line. Keep in mind that you need to embrace new technology to compete with the best. This is important whether you run a small business or a large corporation. It is best to speak with a technology expert to know what kind of upgrade your phone system needs.

Avoid Financial Disasters: Cash Flow Essentials for Small Businesses

cash flow

One of the costliest and most common mistakes of small business owners is overlooking cash flow management. As a result, they face many errors, unnecessary expenses, declining sales, and late payment of salaries to staff. Over time, these cash flow problems can lead to bankruptcy and other devastating results.

While it’s important to focus on getting more customers, building your brand, and improving your services, it’s not a good idea to just forget about cash flow. As a business owner, you need to know how much is coming into your company. If you don’t have enough finances, your business will not be around long enough as you expected. Read on to know you can better manage cash flow and keep it strong.

Send Invoices in Advance

To make sure there are no delayed payments, you need to send the invoices far in advance. If you forgot to notify your customers to pay before the deadline, you are practically saying that it’s fine if their payment is late.

Track Your Expenses

If you are planning to introduce a new offering, know the expenses and its impact on your finances first. Make sure that you will not spend more than you can earn, as this can greatly affect your bottom line. Timing is key when buying supplies or raw materials and selling the finish product. Do the math all the time and estimate the costs.

If this sounds overwhelming, industry professionals like note that you should not hesitate to find help. An accounting firm can help you run your business more effectively and create plans for a strong future.

Always Create a Plan C

Managing cash inflows and outflows is something you should take seriously. This is the reason it is best that you have a plan C. Always prepare for the unexpected scenarios, so you will know how you can recover. For instance, if you’re going to have a product launch event soon, borrow some funds that will cover a cash shortfall. It’s best that you have a reliable, consistent source of money to keep your business running.

Keep these simple tips in mind to improve your business’s financial performance. Running a company without managing the cash flow is like cutting a watermelon with a Swiss knife. Even if you succeed, it’s going to be an uphill battle with steep challenges guaranteed to wear you out.

Not the Usual Holiday Accommodations: Hotels Constructed from Shipping Containers

Innovative hotels

Innovative hotelsShipping container homes have become a great choice for people wanting to own a house. Apart from being a practical choice for residential properties, shipment containers have also played a role in the construction of hotels and other commercial establishments.

Grandesigns WA lists down the hotels that used shipping containers for their designs:

Portable Shipment Container Hotel

A British company created the concept of a portable hotel made from tiered shipment containers. This is an answer to the popularity of other portable systems utilising the same heavy-duty containers, like mobile restaurants and classrooms.

This hotel can be brought to a certain spot and set up within 48 hours. Just like typical hotels, this portable hotel has luxury suites and standard rooms. The luxury room occupies around half of a container, while one container can fit five regular rooms.

Shipment Container for Glamping

Shipment container takes regular camping to glamping in Buenos Aires. Glamping, or also known as glamorous camping, becomes extra memorable by staying in a shipment container designed to look like a hotel room.

The containers apply grid architecture combined with vibrant colours, so each quarter will provide a relaxing space for visitors. The glamping site is located in the heart of pinewoods, which provides guests a stunning view of the outdoors.

Hotel Stackers

A group of architects in Hong Kong thought of making hotel and commercial space more flexible with the use of shipment containers. Their concept originates from a game of Jenga, or stacking the containers as high as possible without toppling the tower down.

A crane will move the shipment containers from their original places to another space if needed. Frames support the containers to secure them in place after moving. This keeps clients from moving all their items, as the crane transports the entire space. The firm is refining this modular concept to make it applicable to other establishments.

Without a doubt, containers bring hotel businesses to the next level. Their economic value and design flexibility make these containers a preferred choice for construction.

Chew On This: 3 Things Aspiring Food Bloggers should Know


A person’s life will not be complete without food. Many enjoy eating; this is one reason why many are starting food blogs to offer advice and earn some money. Food bloggers are gastronomic journalists talking about the best chow down spots and their experiences with food.

Being a food blogger is not just about eating out and telling people your story; it is something much more adventurous. Here are three things to think about if you want to start a food blog:

Kitchen Know-How

Would you listen to someone who does not know his craft? Of course not. To be a food blogger, you at least need to have a background in the kitchen.

Know how to cook even simple meals. When eating out and writing about the experience, people do not expect you to just rate food as good or bad.

Share some information on how well the chef prepared the meal. Talk about what makes it special. You will know these things if you spend time in the kitchen.

Dining Scene Background

As an aspiring food blogger, find the best dining spots. Go to places where the locals eat and find the best grub.
For example, if you are in Australia, know where to find the food trucks and the best Chinese restaurants in Brisbane. Search for the best-tasting beer. To be a successful food blogger, be a food expert in your own city.

Sense of Adventure

Be adventurous. Eating good food is pleasurable and you must be ready to try new dishes. Expand your horizons and try different flavours.

Go out of your comfort zone when it comes to dishes. Your blog should feature new dishes often; a blog that only talks about the same dishes will bore readers.

To be a good food blogger, know your city and be open to new experiences.

How to Pair Wall Colours with Floor Coatings

Floor Coatings

Whether your home was just recently purchased, or you need to have new paint on your floor and your walls, making them work with each other well is a chore any person might be dreading. There’s just no way you can do it easily—you can pick a nice colour for the wall, but would it go well with floor coatings of your choice?

This is why it is important that you know the colours to pick for your walls and your floors. Read on to find out more about these coordinated looks.

Hallways and Kitchens

Hallways and kitchens are different from each other in that hallways always have people passing through them. Kitchens and bathrooms, however, have people staying in them for short intervals. For colours to splash on these walls and floors, dark ones or those that do not show the rate of usage or dirt are good for hallways and areas that people frequently stay in.

As for the kitchen and bathrooms, people would like it best if the paint can help them see what they were doing better. Go for shades that reflect light so that the room is well-illuminated.

Areas of Rest and Areas of Play

Picking for these areas are not as easy as the two other rooms, but it should be obvious that wall tints and floor coatings, explains, serve a purpose other than just for cosmetic reasons. Bedrooms and dens are areas of rest, and as such, colours that soothe and are cool to the eye would be a great choice.

At the same time, children’s rooms and recreational areas would be better off with vibrant and fun paints that promote activity.

Painting your Home Properly

It is no mean feat to pick out the paints in your home. You can call in experts in floor coatings if you are unsure of your choices. On the other hand, if you are confident of your choices and have a good eye, you can try your hand at mix-and-matching shades for a certain room.

Choosing the Right Steel Grade for Your Next Project

steel wire

Obtaining the correct steel plate is essential to guarantee the completion of your project. Scientifically, steels are close family of metals which are made from iron mixed with carbon and other elements. Depending on its function, you must strictly consider several factors in choosing the right steel type and plate grade to find out which product best suits your end application.


One of the factors you should consider when buying steel for your project is determining the width and thickness of the product you need. To be able to do this, it is important that you identify the required engineering tolerance for the job you’re working on. Class A is considered to be the standard tolerance level, while Class B is for tighter and more complex application.


To get the right amount of materials your project requires, you must always express your steel orders in metric tons. This is necessary especially when you’re ordering a specialty grade of steel or coating.


Lead time is the total duration of time taken from the order was placed up until the goods are delivered to you. It is important to understand this because delivery time varies based on the product you order and type of steel you need.


To check the quality and grade of the metal products, it is important to look for steel materials with test certificates. This level of certification is more common for coil-based steels rather than the plate products.

To choose and order the right kind of steel for your job, it is necessary to consider a number of factors which includes durability, pack mass, coating class, and many others. You may be able to identify this yourself, but it is still best to ask for the opinion of a professional for this matter. This is to efficiently obtain the correct material you need.

Goodbye Alimony, Forever? How Cohabitation Affects Spousal Support

Alimony attorney

Apparently, divorce isn’t just about carrying a heavy emotional baggage. It comes with a heavy price tag as well. Divorce involves a whole slew of money matters and alimony is one of them.

When couples decide to divorce, the court grants one party to pay support payments, while the other receives. A financial burden for some, alimony payments are always up for modifications. Most people request for a change in court orders, hopefully to lower or end such payments.

The Utah law says that court grants termination of alimony when the paying spouse is able to prove that the ex-spouse is living in with another person. Alimony attorneys call the situation cohabitation. Dealing with these matters requires the expertise of an alimony attorney; Provo legal firms can help you with this.

So, what exactly is cohabitation in the eyes of the law?

What the Utah Law Says

According to the Utah law, cohabitation should have a relationship similar to marriage. It’s more than mere visitation or living together. It should also be beyond a sexual relationship between people residing in the same house.

When the law says a “relationship akin to marriage”, it doesn’t set a strict list of requirements, though. However, it identifies the basic signs of a marriage: a shared home, an “intimate relationship”, and a joint household where the parties involved share living expenses and decisions.

Distinction between Cohabitation and Marriage

There’s a major difference, however, in the legal criteria for establishing marriage and cohabitation. In marriage, couples assume marital responsibilities. They should also have a public reputation as husband and wife. In the case of cohabitation, it doesn’t require the couple’s reputation. It’s not necessary for them to hold themselves out as a couple to the public.

Cohabitation in alimony is a complicated matter. What’s in here is just a summary of the law. Consult a legal practitioner when planning to modify spousal support arrangements. With this, you’ll be able to consider unique situations related to your case.